Boat Rentals

Quality Boat and Motor Rentals All boats are certified safe and come with lifejackets and survivals kits. Moon River Cottages motors are all newer Mercury/Yamaha motors that are well maintained and generally star on first pull.

 Boat and Motor Rentals Rates 2019

  • Daily boat rates start at $90.00 per day
  • 15 hp and 14 foot boat,
  • 15 hp and 16 foot boat,
  • 9.9 hp motors only,
  • 15 hp motors only,
  • Canoes $30.00 per day
  • Canoes $150 per week
  • Weekly boat rates start at $300
Bringing your own boat is free while renting cottages. Boat ramp charges are $10 for in and $10 for out.
Parking is $10.00 per day for cars, $1.00 per day for trailer, these charges apply to persons not renting cottages.
We offer water taxis at various rates depending on distance/load, these should be booked in advance by emailing us here
*Persons renting are responsible for all damages*
All rentals subject to HST

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